Hello, my name is
Thomas Lecoeur

It means « the heart » in french. It’s cool, I always get the best table on the 14th of february when I get to need a table on the 14th of february.

I like to tell people I'm a
Digital Concept Designer

It’s a really cool way that I found to say that I like to have an idea, think of every single aspect of it, and then work in a team or on my own as a UX/UI designer & full-stack developer to make it a f*cking wonderful project.

Here's a selection of
A Few Projects I Took Care Of

Shakapic Web app Pijam Mobile app Randos en famille Web app Quego Mobile app Eskalis Wordpress Website Page8 E-commerce Website Vi2a Itinérance Artistique Art Exhibition App Chuuut ! Annecy BnB website

Check my social pages Twitter, I'll (try to) keep updates. You will find websites, apps, experiments that I have developed and/or designed. If you like them, give them a thumb up and get inspired, but pls don't steal I'm a good person.

Do you have any

This is my email address : coucou@thomaslecoeur.com
If you add a smiley to your mail subject, I'll send you a cool picture.


Is Thomas able to web develop? Is Thomas able to web design? Is Thomas able to UX design? Where is Thomas working right now? Can you build an app for me? Can you build a website for me? I need a freelance developer, do you want to collaborate? Is Thomas able to use Adobe softwares, Sketch, Zeplin and other frequently used creative software?